Scentwork for Beginners


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Welcome to the SCENTWORK FOR BEGINNERS where you can utilise your dog’s natural talent to enrich their lives, mentally stimulate, tire them out and have an outlet to prevent and solve unwanted behaviours. Whilst dogs have been domesticated for many, many years we still need to factor in that they are still dogs and as such need to be given the chance to fulfil their instinctual needs.

Dogs can become over stimulated really quickly if left un-entertained & bored and when they do, they can find solace in some unwanted behaviours ... unless, of course; you show them a better and more productive way.

In this SCENTWORK FOR BEGINNERS we start to teach your dog how to search and find specific scents, working through the easy to follow steps. You will practice each step till your dog is rock solid before stepping up to the next level, Working through these steps and then using this strategy when you are out on walks to help maintain your dogs focus on you:-

  • Signalling
  • Target Scents
  • Signalling with Distraction
  • Teaching the “Find” cue
  • Building Distance, Duration, Distraction & Desire
  • Hides
  • Walk Away & Return Finds
  • Blind Searches

Of course this will require some effort from you too. Like any parent, showing your dog the way is the key to your dog learning this skill out in the wider more enticing world. In this guide we have squished the steps into small bite size chunks that you will aim to master before moving onto the next step. Commit to just 5/10 minutes a day and marvel at the results. 


Price is Just £25 + vat