New Online Courses

We have an amazing selection of Online Courses and Mini Tutorials to help with many Behaviour Struggles - we have many more planned too ......

We have our headline Good Level 1 Course where we teach your dog all the life skills needed - We are proud to have been supported in this course by three of the worlds best trainers - Nando Brown, Jo-Rosie Haffenden & Dean Nicholas.

Sign up for our Complete collection of Online courses in one go and work through at your leisure - this will keep you and you dog entertained for months.


Scentwork for Beginners - Tap into your dogs natural instictual skill, This is a great course for any dog guardian and can be done in and around the home - It will tire your dog out mentally and get tham doing what they were born to do.

Active Scentwork -  Your dog will search, find and retrieve the item to you!

Canine Assist GamesHave a go at learning our favourite games.

Rock Solid Retrieves - Want a dog that brings back that ball every time!!

Rapid Recalls - Would you like to have the skill that every dog owner wants?

Door Protocol  Have a dog that goes balistic when the door bell goes or a visitor comes in.

Disengagement - Teach your dog to ignore the environmental stimuli and get them back focussed on you.

Car Familiarisation - Does your dog not look forward to car journeys - here we help your dog get comfortable with the Car.

Counter Surfing - Does your dog scour your kitchen sides? Would you like your dog to wait calmly while you prepare any meal whether its theirs or yours? -- This is the course for you!!

Hop it UP - Would you like your dog to hop up onto any item (chair, tree stump, stone, park bench etc). A great skill for use in many situations.