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Dog training using Kind & Ethical Methods that really helps the dog learn and improves your bond and can make most behaviours "BOMB PROOF".... Do you need a Dog Trainer Nottingham or Dog Trainer Derby - Call us on 07984 484921 and start your journey with Canine Assist Nottingham & Derby a Fully Qualified and Experienced Dog Trainer & Dog Behaviourist

Working with reactive dogs takes time and patience and keeping the dogs below threshold and starting at a "critical" Safe Distance.

Working with a Human reactive dog - Takes care - and going at a pace the dog can cope with.

Are you having a new puppy - follow our very own Bliss as she grows up - there are already 50 training videos that you can watch to see how to raise the perfect puppy on our you tube channel -- below is Bliss's first trip to the park with lots of distractions..

Are you experiencing Behavioural Issues?

Well do not worry - while many of us do not like admitting that we have a problem dog, research suggests that potentially 40% of the dog population in the UK have behavioural issues and with the dog population estimated to be approaching 10 million thats a fair few problem pooches.


Aggression may be the most commonly reported issue; however, it is certainly NOT the most commonly encountered!


Canine Assist Nottingham have dealt with many cases and find that no two problems are the same - the relationship between owner and dog is a unique one and one that requires specific individual attention when dealing with problems; whether it be Jumping up,  fear or nervousness right up to aggression - Canine Assist Nottingham have experience in all areas of dog behaviour and will be there to help and coach you through the training.


Here at Canine Assist Nottingham and as Proud members of The Pet Professional Guild we believe only in using positive reward based techniques; it is our experience that these produce the most significant and sustainable results, this is because the dog chooses to behave in the correct manner.


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Are you looking for someone to look after your dog while you are away?

Dog Hotel offers a unique chance for your dog to have the holiday of a lifetime (if you cannot take him/her with you). Your dogs will live with us as one of our pets and enjoy all the same things our dogs do. We are fully licensed, registered & insured. Doggy Day Care also available.

Are you thinking about getting a Dog?

Canine Assist can help you with advice on all aspects of what is required be it a new puppy to a rescue. This guidance will help you avoid common pitfalls.

Common Problems

The Owner - Dog relationship is unique and one that is different in almost every situation so it is important to understand that relationship prior to embarking on treatment programmes.


Below is a list of common behavioural problems, this is not an exhaustive list and care should be taken not to steryotype potential problems.


  • Pulling on the lead
  • Recall
  • Aggression
    • People
    • Dog - Dog
    • Territorial
    • Dominance
    • Fear induced
    • Possesive
  • Jumping up
  • Seperation Related issues
    • Destructiveness
    • Vocalisation
    • Housesoiling
  • Hyperactivity
  • Fears & Phobias
    • Car
    • Vet
    • Appliances
  • Chasing
  • Roaming
  • Digging
  • Travel