Rescue Dog Intergration

Rescue dogs can bring a great deal of joy (having had many myself), however I cannot stress the importance of introducing them into your home in the correct manner to prevent problems initiating.


While rescue dogs are generally in the shelter for a reason this does not mean that they are bad dogs, on the contrary they in all probability have just not had the right leadership - gain some proffessional advice and you will end up with a great companion.




We will discuss with you, your reasons for wanting the Dog, Breed, Nature etc. and what is needed prior to the dog arriving home. A lot of shelters will also help in this area.


Rescue Centre Visit


We will arrange to come along and visit the shelter with you and assess the animal in conjunction with you and your family. We will also be able to provide advice on any behaviour exhibited - remember dogs in shelters can be under stress and can behave abnormally, please do not let this put you off as with the right guidance this will cease.


Arrival Home


We aim to be available on the big day (or as close to as possible)  to guide you through the intergration process.


Includes - Consultation, assessment, 1to1 training (both family and dog), Written report with treatment plan, e-mail & phone support for a year.





All three elements £350


Individually - £130