Canine Assist Nottingham - Dog Training & Behaviour Consultations

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One to One Consultations - Owner, Family, Dog Training & Coaching in Nottingham and Surrounding areas

We will arrange a convenient time to visit you and your dog in your home and carry out an assessment in the normal environment (where the behaviour occurs), we will then explain what is happening and how to rectify (full family coaching and dog training will be provided for all) - showing you how this is to be done,  this normally lasts around 2 hours. Following the consultation you will receive written confirmation of the assessment, diagnosis and proposed treatment plan.


While we believe that many struggles can be corrected in one visit however; it may be necessary to plan for follow ups or even a multi-visit option to ensure progress and compliance over a sustained period


Dog Training is more successful if you focus on PROGRESS over TIME rather than quick fixes. So that is why we have a pay as you go option or the full package, to suit you and your dogs progress.


Once this consultation/package is finished our commitment to you does not end, we include phone, e-mail, whatsapp, messenger support for eight weeks or one year following the consultation.


Canine Assist may take Photos and Videos to aide in the consultation process and reserve to right to use them on social media; they also may use them in presentations and educational material within the organisations they represent. Should you wish for them not to be used on our website, social media, presentations or for education then please inform us (we will ask on the day) - these will only be used for educational, instructional, informative purposes (we endeavour to keep human identities hidden etc).


Make an appointment – we will be there for you.


NB. there is often a link between behaviour and injury/illness so we recommend that your dog is checked over by your vet prior to embarking on any session's.


Prices start from £170 

(Assessment/Training only visits) - Mileage Charges may Apply


Consultation Visits start from £200 

(Standard 2 hour consultation) - Mileage Charges may Apply


!!!! Our Most Popular Option !!!

Consultation PLUS Starts from £350

Includes - Consultation/assessment, 1to1 dog training (family and dog), Follow up Visit, Written plan with video links to help, e-mail & phone support for 6 months. Client is to maintain Contact). Mileage Charges may Apply.


Consultation Package start from £500

(Includes - Consultation/assessment, 1to1 dog training (family and dog), Written report with treatment plan, e-mail & phone support for a year. Client is to maintain Contact). Mileage Charges may Apply.


Games Bundles £300 to £600

Want to teach your dog some fun games that have real life implications in building "confidence", "optimism", "focus", "impulse control", "proximity", "calmness", "flexibility", "toleranc to frustration" --- Then this could be for you Book in for a 1 hour session and we will select around 5 games for you to start playing and building with your dog -- again choose a pay as you go tariff or a bundle of visits to use when YOU are ready!!


Follow up visits start from £140

(following a consultation) - Mileage Charges may apply.


Bespoke Packages can be Arranged.


Should you decide to cease training for any reason - A patial refund MAY be due for any unused visits (a pro-rata proportion of the year support will still be charged whether used or not).


Mileage Charges may apply. Please ask for details. 

Indemnities below apply to all bookings.



Behaviour Questionnaire - Pro Dog Trainer
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Canine Assist Intake Form
This form will help understand your dog's and your requirements. Please ensure you complete, this can be given on the day or emailed to
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Canine Assist - Indemnity
By Hiring Canine Assist - You Accept the terms detailed.
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