A Small Friendly Local Business - Dog Training & Hotel in Nottingham

Hi my name is Jon Davison, DTC-ADT, FDM, Dip.dog.psy, Dip.dogtraining.st, Dip.Doglanguage, Dip.dogaggression and I would like to introduce you to Canine Assist Nottingham.


We are recently certified as a FDM -  Family Dog Mediation bridges the gap- between people and dogs, between animals, between the sciences, between the history of men and dogs and the modern pet dog world. 
It is a movement to raise the bar of public understanding about pet dogs through integrated science and innovative practical solutions. Revolutionary, useful, fun. Anything but ordinary!


I am an Approved Dog Trainer with the Dog Training College, this college also provide so much valuable CPD (continued professional development). This organisation have Vetted our services, Reviewed and continue to Monitor to ensure that we meet the very highest of standards. This gives assurance to any potential new clients that they are hiring skilled, experienced, kind ethical trainers.


Certified Puppy and Canine Body Language Specialists Having completed the Dog Training College Advanced Level 3 courses in both diciplines.


Gaining Blue Level Instructor status for the World Scentdog Association as well as being a Level 1 Judge!


We are fully insured and licensed (Documents available upon request), We have now launched our Dog Hotel in Nottingham. We are also Canine First Aid Course.


I am  a Certified Pro Dog Trainer - This is the latest development in Dog Training where we use games based training working on the core concepts like "Optimism, Focus, Impulse Control, Tolerance to Frustration, Grit, Independence" to improve the dogs overall behaviour that has real world impact --- so we mignt play a game like Magic Hand that will improve your dogs focus and this inturn gives you a dog that loose lead walks or an orientaion game that gets the dog loving being around you this has the benefit of improving recall -- Give us a call and discuss a games package that suits you and your dog!!!


I am a Licensed Instructor and Assessor of the Pet Dog Ambassador Program which is a program for dog guardians to test their knowledge, skills and ability to manage their canine companion in real life settings. Its aim is to acknowledge the hard work and commitment that guardians and their dogs undertake to make their shared lives enjoyable and recognizes these efforts from a puppy’s very early training. The  program aims to encourage guardians to continue training and developing new skills, abilities and knowledge. 


Canine Assist are now Members of the the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.


We are a small local business with over 25 years experience with all types of dogs from Yorkshire Terriers to Japenese Akita's, Puppies to Rescue, Pedigree to Mutts.


Starting out we were just your usual dog owners, our initial dogs were rescue dogs and in that we did experience various problems, we completed a lot of research into what we could do and began trying different techniques (works from Dr Ian Dunbar & Stanley Coren), this proved fairly successful and soon we began to receive requests from freinds, family, our local vets, breed associations and rescue centre to help with other problem dogs.


Around 10 years ago we started taking in dogs from various sources including Rescue Centres, Breeder & direct from owners who just could not cope with a view to re-training and then re-homing them.


Since then I have embarked on various dog behaviour/psychology courses & practical training, obtaining Distinction Grades in my Canine Psychology Diploma, Dog Training Diploma, Canine Language and my Canine Aggression Diploma. I think it is important to continue research and learning in this area to further enhance knowledge and skills. I have also now completed a Canine First Aid Course to ensure that any dogs in our care can receive the best of attention should it be required.

Continued learning in dog training and behaviour is required as with all the latest science basedinformation our industry is changing rapidly with new learnings coming out all the time - So far this year I have attended Courses on the Dogs confinedence and the fundamentales of Dog Training with Victoria Stilwell , Growl Class - Reactive Dog training with Ian Dunbar, Stop Coaching, Start Training, Negative Punishment - Negative Reinforcement and the Humane Hierarchy, Be a Tree program for Children, 


Our aim is to assist families with their dogs and teach them techniques to prevent/correct the behaviour that ultimately leads to a mutually fulfilling relationship. 


CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is massively important in the Dog Training World as we are learning new things through science every day -- it is vital to keep up to date -- Below is my evidence to you that I maintain this each and every year!!