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  • Tracy (Saturday, September 12 20 12:45 pm BST)

    I would highly recommend Jon @ CanineAssist. He is truly knowledgable and frankly worked miracles with my very scared dog after just one session. I look forward to building upon what he has taught me and working with him again.

  • Rachel (Wednesday, July 22 20 11:04 am BST)

    Jon is an excellent Pro dog trainer and behaviourist.
    He has an affinity with dogs that allows him to see the situation and the dogs needs.
    With this he is able to give an easy to understand and workable solution to different challengers.
    Jon is friendly and informative and very easy to work with.
    We have had large breeds for 23 years and working with Jon has given us a new level of fun to our ongoing training at home. It is a joy to see our dogs enjoyment on a daily basis.
    I can not endorse Jon highly enough and would not hesitate to recommend Jon for any dog training or behaviourist needs.

  • Natalie Davies (Tuesday, February 25 20 11:19 am GMT)

    I recently made contact with Jon after looking for some 1:1 training for myself and my French Bulldog. Jon has completely changed my outlook on how I engage with my pooch to get better results and how this will build a better relationship with him. It is early days but I can already see the changes. I would definitely say if you’re thinking about this then know you need to be committed to it. I was supplied with a thorough follow up email and will be making use of the generous aftercare. I wish I’d embarked on this earlier! Jon is knowledgable and is very passionate, I’m enjoying what I’ve learned so far and looking forward to carrying on! Thank you 🐾

  • Anthony John (Tuesday, February 25 20 11:17 am GMT)

    We had been working with our American Bulldog/Staffy X Bella with another Trainer at their dog school, when we started getting a few unrelated issue's, Our trainer felt it was out of their scope of expertise and put us onto Canine Assist - From the start Jon was amazing he built and instant bond and Bella just loves seeing him -- Jon kept our other trainer in the loop and even attended a class with us and stayed to discuss Bella with the trainer so all could be joined up --- It was brilliant to see two trainers who are both absolutely passionate about Canine Welfare working together and supporting each other .... Jon has such a wealth of experience, amazing compassion and a true desire for dogs; its easy to see why he is so well respected by his colleagues and clients -- We have just completed the first stage of our Journey and cannot believe the difference already -- Bella is so focused on us and the introduction of short "ad break" & "Kettle Boiling" training sessions has really made a massive difference -- we no longer panic about spending ages on long unproductive walks -- if we can only manage a few games this gets rid of Bella's energy and allows us time to be more relaxed and then plan better quality walks --- dare I say it Jon has not only improved Bella's life, he has taken so much stress from ours too ... we are so thankful that our trainer recommended him and that we got the chance to work with him and we now have two really great trainers to call on for Bella and whats great is that they work together for the benefit of Bella.. Thank you so much --- if I could give you 5 stars I would well maybe 6 out 5 :). Highly Highly Recommend !!

  • Jane Grant (Tuesday, February 25 20 11:16 am GMT)

    Highly Recommend -- We first called Jon in the early part of last year and just had an assessment visit to help us with our troublesome pooch -- We were amazed at how much time he spent with us and Marley, his knowledge is immense and his passion for all things dog just shines through, Marley just took to him so quickly. The improvement over the coming months was amazing and having the additional support so we could call on Jon as we needed was invaluable - we were even able to send videos in for him to review.
    We have since called him back and chosen one of his games bundles so we can teach Marley even more fun things to do -- whats great is that there is no pressure to rush through and complete the visits and having the email and phone support keeps us on track and when we update Jon he tinkers with what we need to do next. Canine Assist thank you so much ... and we now know "There's a game for that" 😊!!

  • Emma (Monday, October 28 19 07:41 am GMT)

    We have been working with Jon for the past 6 months. We opted for the games bundle and have had sessions monthly. We are so grateful that Jon was recommended to us. If your thinking of getting a dog trainer I would encourage you to do it and contact Jon - we don’t know what we don’t yet know. Every time we meet with Jon I am astounded by his wealth of knowledge and we learn so much. There is no way we would have helped our dog Joey 🐶 and found our way with books & the internet. Joey came to live with us when he was 3, this was his 6th home within the last year. His past experiences meant that life could be quite stressful for him and he had many challenges - scared of new people, places, dogs, people near our home and noises, hyper vigilant, struggled to relax etc etc. This surfaced in lots of behaviours that was pretty difficult for us and him. Jon has helped us make HUGE progress teaching us how to beat manage situations and support Joey (all of Jons advice and techniques are evidence/ researched backed). These are our successes made possible by Jon they might sound simple but for Joey they are really significant compared to where we started. Joey is much calmer, barks / reacts less, we are able to introduce him to new people, he has made new human friends he loves, he walks and plays with other dogs, he has grown in confidence, he has a higher tolerance to stress, he calms down much quicker, we can have visitors, we can take him to a cafe / pub, he has learnt lots of new skills he is now starting scent work etc etc etc. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jon and we’re so very grateful for all his support and guidance. One of the nicest guys and passionate people I know with your best friends welfare at the heart of everything he does 💕

  • Molly (Tuesday, October 22 19 07:36 am BST)

    Hi Jon,
    It Was great to meet you, we enjoyed the session and found it really informative, plus we all slept well, Loki even had a lie in this morning too hes normally a 5am early bird haha. Alot if not all made perfect sense once it was explained, it all fell into place and I feel more confident with what im doing now which im sure Loki will benefit from that aswell.
    I noticed a massive difference from him yesterday he was alot calmer and quite focused on me waiting. Today we have had a productive day, going at his own pace with his harness and playing games in the garden. He is sitting without me asking, we also did alot of work with going through the door/gates calm and normally when he'd hear a noise he would be pacing back an forth barking non stop anywhere from 10 mins to an hour, now I just say Loki, this way and he comes sits gets a treat. So all in all even from just yesterday I have seen a great improvement and to see that he is able to progress was a huge weight lifted off me. Thank you for your support and all the work for us to do, im quite nerdy so look forward to putting it into practise.

    I shall keep you informed on his progress and contact you about further meet and greets.

    Thanks again, im honestly so grateful and cannot wait to see him progress.

    Molly & Loki

  • KP Snippets (Friday, October 18 19 11:14 am BST)

    Outstanding service and a real asset to the community. Jon has been absolutely excellent with our dog over the past years and we are really sad to be parting ways. He is a wealth of knowledge, he is incredibly committed to the dogs, their fulfilment and to the integrity of his business. We have been very lucky to have him right on our doorstep and we will miss him a lot. 5 stars, Canine Assist offers a huge amount more than just a place to park your pooch!

  • Joel Stockdale (Wednesday, October 02 19 08:03 am BST)

    Where to start? We have had problems with our Jack Russel x Chihuahua for around a year, he is a very anxious boy and has bitten family members and friends as a way of creating distance. Louie is always nervous around people he doesn’t know and in particular people that come into our home. Jon came to us around a month ago in our hour of need. Since then Louie has been fantastic. He is starting to become more confident around people and allows visitors into our home by being well behaved. Jon’s training methods are first class, his session was engaging for Louie and he was upset when Jon had to leave! Jon helped us learn that there is no such thing as a lost cause and even when you feel like there is no hope left, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! We aren’t 100% there with Louie and may never be, but since Jon’s visit we have seen a massive improvement with our dog. The support during and after the session has been amazing and we have been learning how to train Louie through the 8 week support programme that comes with the sessions! Thank you for helping us Jon we really appreciate it🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Kellee (Wednesday, October 02 19 08:03 am BST)

    Really helpful and informative phone call with Jon this evening about my 2 year old schnoodle who is weeing upstairs 🙄! Talked through possible reasons why and also gave me a wealth of ideas and strategies to use with her! Thank you Jon!

  • Melinda (Wednesday, October 02 19 08:01 am BST)

    Massive thanks to Jon. He is a very knowledgeable guy and explained everything to us in a really clear way. Totally understand why our dog is the way he is now, we cannot wait to see Milo progress. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CANINEASSIST x

  • Mary McCann (Wednesday, September 11 19 11:18 am BST)

    I would definitely recommend Jon to others. He has a great understanding of dogs and their behaviour. He is very professional and explains everything clearly. I was very impressed with how quickly our dog Oliver responded to his positive training methods.
    Jon left us with lots of games and exercises to help us build Olivers confidence and get his brain working.
    We are already beginning to see results, thank you Jon!

  • Carol Lawson (Monday, August 12 19 08:57 am BST)

    Absolutely amazing training session for me and my 9 month old puppy today with Jon - I could not believe how much could be achieved in such a relatively short space of time linking to specific issues we were having. Barney responded brilliantly to Jon’s calm, positive training methods and was clearly having huge amounts of fun too. Jon was just as brilliant with the humans making sure every action was clearly explained from both the trainer’s point of view and the dog’s. I already feel so much more confident as a first time dog owner and would recommend Canineassist without hesitation to anyone who is having training or behaviour issues or who simply wants to enhance their relationship with their dog.

  • Tam (Monday, August 12 19 08:56 am BST)

    I highly recommend Jon for help with your dog(s), no matter what you need. His friendly, calm, highly skilled and bespoke approach is amazing to watch. Am learning so much, and my dog absolutely loves his sessions with Jon!

  • Lewis (Monday, August 12 19 08:52 am BST)

    Had a great session with Jon helping to understand and control a few bad behaviours from our pup. Jon is incredibly knowledgable and intuitive and has left us with lots of great techniques, tips, tricks and resources to help keep us more in control and keep our dog calmer when out on walks and stop unwanted barking around the home👌🏼

  • Gary Wagstaff (Friday, August 02 19 06:47 pm BST)

    The advise and suggestions Jon gave us re our excitable 10 month old black lab have already started to show dividends in less than 24 hours.

    Jon’s down to earth and friendly approach have helped not only our puppy but also educated myself and my partner.

    I couldn’t recommend Jon enough and I’m looking forward to the progress we’ll make over the next few weeks.

  • Alan Froggatt (Monday, July 15 19 04:09 pm BST)

    Many thanks for your advice on Friday evening and for the written instructions. We are implementing it, and have already made Robbie a
    noise box and he is using it, mainly to get food from, although he has
    already been moving the can we put in.

    On Saturday morning we noticed that when he heard a car door slam, he lifted his head up, but then ignored it, so of course he received a
    treat. We feel marvellous as he is already making headway.

  • Ben (Thursday, July 11 19 10:06 am BST)

    For anyone who is looking for an experienced training professional then look no further than Jon.
    Jon is a positive reward based dog trainer who uses fun and games to train which has worked brilliantly with Joey. Without his guidance and knowing what games to play and when we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today with Joey.
    If you have a certain behaviour from your dog that you would like to improve/change then definitely contact Jon 😀

  • Jessica (Tuesday, July 09 19 11:18 am BST)

    We had Jon visit us on Sunday (07/07) with our 14th month old Rottie Lena.
    Lena is anxious with new people and new situations so we needed to work on building her confidence.
    I wasn't sure how it was going to go - but once Lena let Jon into our house he worked his magic and to say we were impressed was an understatement!!!
    He got Lena doing things I didn't think was possible and all in a short amount of time aswell (she's rather clever!). Jon explained everything to us so we could understand why Lena reacted as she did and what we can do to help build her confidence and to help her choose the right behaviour. We are looking forward to working with Jon and seeing how Lena progresses. We would recommend Jon in an instant, Thank you! 🐕

  • Mel Willetts (Saturday, July 06 19 08:50 pm BST)

    Absolutely fantastic what Jon got my dog carter to do within 5 mins of meeting him I was amazed. Has given us great tools to continue training and now I am actually looking for to walks rather than that feeling of dread. Thank you Jon

  • Rachel Maria Knight (Friday, July 05 19 12:12 pm BST)

    I just wanted to say a fantastic thank you to Jon. He came to meet our Canine Family tonight (all 4 of them). A fantastic positive, stimulating games session for our fur babies and an amazing training session for us. We recently added a rescue to our clan (Balley) and Jon has really helped us to work with him and the others.

  • Amy B (Tuesday, June 11 19 10:56 am BST)

    Called on Jon for some advice RE teaching our over excited Staffy Cooper to great our guests politely!
    What he achieved at out assesment visit was quite something and it's given us lots to work on.
    Jon was able to change our thinking and we now feel we can better support Cooper to stay calm which will help us manage all sorts of his behaviours.
    Would definitely recommend and looking forward to seeing how Cooper makes progress over the coming weeks :-). Thank you!

  • Mitch (Thursday, June 06 19 12:35 pm BST)

    We had a great initial session with Jon. He is extremely knowledgeable and uses the latest training techniques. We made some good initial progress and have been given plenty of excercises to go away with to work on over the coming weeks. We're looking forward to working more with Jon and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer.

  • Mrs Waby (Saturday, June 01 19 05:52 pm BST)

    From start to finish of our session Jon just had my girls full attention. A full packed session full of tips, encouragement and really good training. Also you have continued support for a further 6 weeks.
    I have already recommended Jon to two friends and I would recommend him to everyone.
    Thank you Jon.

  • Helen G (Saturday, June 01 19 05:51 pm BST)

    WOW – We feel so lucky to have had Jon recommended to us when looking for home boarding/trainer for our 7 month old puppy. We have had nothing but first class service, from our first conversation with Jon to meeting him with our puppy in his home for the introduction session - Jon is such a genuine & professional person. Cooper has just had his first week at Jon’s and it was clear from the regular updates, videos and photos he had the best time, lot’s of fun, been very loved and given a lot of games based training that he absolutely loves - He is so eager to learn & the method of training that Jon provides is perfect for Coopers personality, keep’s his brain totally active & interested – He’s come home shattered & very very happy. The whole experience of leaving Cooper with Jon really enhanced our holiday knowing he was in such safe hands. We have learnt so much from Jon in such a short space of time, he has shared with us a wealth of knowledge on how to address certain behaviours and nothing is ever a problem, he explains things so clearly and always willing to help and advise. We are so grateful to Jon and I would recommend him 100%.

  • Gloria (Sunday, April 28 19 12:32 pm BST)

    What an incredible session we had today with Jon. We learned so much and Cilla just melted by heart by how she responded and engaged. Peggy even joined in too. Now the hard work begins with us getting the best out of our girls. We couldn't be prouder. Jon was a fabulous trainer with the girls but most of all making easy for us to understand too. Onwards & upwards.
    Can't recommend Jon enough. Thank you.???

  • Amme (Friday, April 05 19 09:26 am BST)

    Jon is such a nice, genuine person who is clearly passionate about the work that he does. His knowledge and experience is outstanding ! Jon was amazing with our very fearful, vocal and nippy dog. Our dog really struggles with visitors so it was amazing that Jon was able to help our dog calm down, build a rapport with him and play with him which we didn’t think would be possible. He has helped us understand our dog and given us practical easy steps to follow to help us help our dog ?

  • Naomi (Thursday, April 04 19 01:09 pm BST)

    I had been looking for someone to help us with our nervous and excitable cockapoo Rupert for a while, but never felt confident enough to actually commit to a training session until I spoke to Jon. He spent a very long time on the phone to me during my initial contact giving me lots of advice and understanding of Rupert's behaviour.
    Our session with him was brilliant, he really helped us to understand Rupert and put together a games based plan to enable us to help Rupert exhibit more calming behaviours whilst also tackling his anxiety through confidence games. Although the session was only a few days ago I can already see a positive change in Rupert both through implementing the games but also from us changing the way that we reward his calm behaviour.
    Our children were all present through the session and are also on board with the programme. I'm now excited to see what a positive impact this will have on not only Rupert but our whole family. Thank you Jon ?

  • Sarah Newton (Friday, March 29 19 07:25 am GMT)

    WOW, WOW, WOW! Sums this evening up really!
    Jon came out to help us with our very nervous standard poodle who likes to bark at strangers, we were absolutely amazed at Nancy’s response to his games based training!
    Not only did he focus on Nancy but also
    Included our other dogs which was great! He was happy to answer all our questions, advised us on the best way to help Nancy and actually stayed much longer than he had anticipated! His knowledge is incredible! Thanks so much Jon! Looking forward to putting everything into practice!

  • Sam (Friday, March 29 19 07:24 am GMT)

    What a brilliant session. Very easy to arrange an appointment and share my concerns of my dogs behaviour. Jon came over fully equipped with knowledge, toys, treats and games to help teach the dogs and owners. He explained everything very clearly and we practised the exercises he had set for us. I am so excited to practise these strategies and hopefully improve my dogs reactions. Thank you so much Canine Assist, start of a great relationship. I would 100% recommend.

  • Sarah (Friday, February 15 19 08:56 am GMT)

    Thank you for working with us today. The difference we can see in Wilson already is incredible!

  • Daniel (Saturday, December 01 18 04:11 pm GMT)

    great first session with our cross 4 month old pup this morning. came on leaps and bounds in just one session. I would highly recommend this chap to anyone, really knows his stuff. can't wait to put it into practice, and looking forward to the next session already. many thanks.

  • Michelle Sophia Sanchez Estupiñan-Cutts (Wednesday, November 28 18 10:53 pm GMT)

    Amazing evening. We cannot wait to try out all the games that you demonstrated. Zeus had a fantastic time.

  • Mr Holmes (Friday, November 02 18 03:45 pm GMT)

    We had an amazing session with Jon. He got to grips with Luna so well and really helped us understand how she ticks and explain to us what the root-cause of a lot of her undesirable behaviours are and how we can go about tackling them.
    We've already made a start on managing Luna's focus and calmness and i'm looking forward to working with Jon again in the future as we continue this journey together.
    Anyone on the fence about if Jon can offer you expert and valuable support should fear not; this man is a wizard!

  • Adam (Friday, November 02 18 10:43 am GMT)

    "Amazing job Jon, really good having you here tonight with us. Already in discussion on how we're going to implement what we've learnt tonight. Luna is totally pooped and took herself off to her bed not long after you left hehe. Thanks again for tonight and speak soon"
    "Fiona got up before Luna to pre-empt the bark. Was straight on the case making Luna "earn" her breakfast. I was able to leave for work without the usual episode this morning as Fi had her focused. So good start!"

  • Lisa (Tuesday, October 16 18 07:02 am BST)

    This is just a quick email to thank you again!

    I followed your advice with the car, and it worked amazingly. I had to drive down to Exeter today to stay with family, and Peps was really calm - no shaking at all! We also stopped on the way at the services where he peed outside and walked past 3 dogs without getting too worked up. Then arrived with family and my brother (who didn’t know I’d seen you) noticed that Peps was much calmer and friendlier and more confident!

    So I’m really proud of Peps as he has made a lot of progress already in this short time, and I’m really grateful to you for helping us get there!!

  • Lisa Donnarumma (Wednesday, October 10 18 07:22 pm BST)

    Jon was amazing with my dog, who is very nervous. He gave me a lot of advice, and explained everything clearly - exactly how to support my dog and also the reasons behind it. I just had the first assessment recently, but we have made progress already! Thank you Jon!!

  • Lois (Monday, October 08 18 10:15 pm BST)

    Huge thanks for Jon for helping me with my pug Charley! I’m so impressed with how well she has done on her first session! Jon was extremely helpful and professional a big thanks x

  • Louise Homer (Friday, August 24 18 08:17 am BST)

    We had our first assessment for our two Jack Russell's. We were astounded at the results so far. We have a long way to go and look forward to Jon's training for other issues they have. We can't thank you enough. Highly recommended

  • Fiona (Wednesday, May 23 18 08:44 am BST)

    I just want to say a huge thank-you to Jon @canineassist. Such a great guy, knowledgable, committed to his profession, but very down to earth and genuine. I wouldn’t (and haven’t) hesitated in recommending him. He has been fantastic in training me (and the family) to help Marvin overcome a number of challenges (yes Marvin is a cockapoo!). Jon reminds me of the progress we have made, how positive training really can make a difference and what a great FLBF (four legged best friend) Marvin really is and can be (with hard work and consistency by us of course)

  • Linda Dallason (Sunday, May 13 18 11:04 am BST)

    Hi Jon I just wanted to thank you again you are definitely the Dog father/ dog whisperer since you visited Toby has been a changed dog a lot calmer when he goes in the garden stops barking when told to so does shadow, when David takes him a walk he rarely barks at people unfortunately he hasn’t come across many dogs on his walks I can’t thank u enough u r a brilliant dog trainer & ive come across quite a few over the years I think u should be awarded an OBE for your service to dogs I might get up a petition lol xx

  • Jacqui Oliver (Monday, May 07 18 11:52 pm BST)

    Jon was amazing our little lady is so much improved we can’t believe it. Do not hesitate in getting Jon to help you with your dogie problems you will not regret it.

  • Rebecca (Sunday, April 01 18 08:16 pm BST)

    Jon spent a few hours with our puppy and totally transformed her behaviour! He taught us how to get her calm, how to reduce how much she’s mouthing and how to improve her recall. We’d been trying for over a month on all these things with the help of other trainers, but within 2 hours he had her behaviour in these areas perfect and clear advise on how we can keep that up and manage her training going forward. I couldn’t recommend Jon more highly.

  • Ian (Tuesday, March 06 18 11:54 am GMT)

    Bronte is behaving better than ever on lead walks. She is improved when I answer the door and I’m still doing the “mad door man” game as we haven’t had many callers this week, I’m trying to rope in neighbours & relations.

    Bronte is already far more controlled so hopefully we will see more progress over the next few weeks

  • Michelle Roe (Sunday, February 04 18 03:14 pm GMT)

    Amasing. Jon was patient and explained clearly. I feel so much better, than I did about my dog. He has given us hope to beable to sort Maisie who has been a snappy dog on numerous occations. We have had our first session and we have learnt so much.

  • Laura (Monday, January 29 18 12:44 pm GMT)

    Jon has been brilliant during a difficult time with our older dog suffering with separation anxiety. He explains things so clearly, is realistic on what is achievable and provides you with simple tools and tips to help make improvements. I have enlisted the help of several behaviourists in my time and Jon is by far the best I have ever come across - I would not hesitate to recommend him. Jon - thank you so much

  • Jane (Thursday, January 25 18 02:39 pm GMT)

    Many thanks for all your help and encouragement, Jon. Amanda was most impressed by you and said she learned a lot too!

    I have been able to 'de-fuse' Tolly today by putting her in the other room when she was attacking a student's shoes (!) he couldn't believe it when I gave Tolly the choice of back in the other room or lying on her bed near us, that she just sat down and went to sleep

  • Sophie (Thursday, January 25 18 02:36 pm GMT)

    Both dogs getting on really well. Things are going well, the separation anxiety is still there but it is getting much better, commands and walks are now way better, Can not believe how much they have progressed in just a couple months!!!!

  • Jan (Thursday, January 25 18 02:31 pm GMT)

    Great first session - the advice that you have provided makes a lot of sense and seems to be working but obviously is still a work in progress!!

    In terms of progress so far, Tommy is doing very well, almost unrecognisable from when we first started. There is still a little bit of anxiety when Sienna leaves the room but it doesn't last and is rarely going over threshold. We are able to distract him with toys and treats and his behaviour around Sienna is much much better than it was!!

  • Julia (Monday, September 11 17 01:32 pm BST)

    Hi Jon,
    I hope you are well. Just thought I would give you an update on Herbie.
    Well..... since being on those vitamins he now walks about 5 mornings out of 7 usually around the block.... 10 mins or slightly more and sometimes he doesn't want to go home! He is actually enjoying these walks mostly. He seems so much happier and is an absolute joy! We are just on our way to the lakes for our usual yearly break so it will be interesting to see how he is there. I am overjoyed with his progress so thank u again for the fantastic advice.
    I will keep you posted and let u know further progress or problems as they occur.

Holly Messines McDade reviewed CanineAssist — 5 star

Had our first training session at home. Just fantastic. Jon answered all our questions and supported us in getting Bane's training started. Highly recommend to friends, family actually anyone!!




Susan Buck reviewed CanineAssist — 5 star

May 2 at 5:27pm

Fantastic, Jon has helped several of our rescue dogs and today my daughters dog Red .Wonderful advice for Ash to work on and a chance for Red to learn to meet and play in a relaxed calm manner. Jon is a  quiet calm trainer,very impressed!!




Andrew Glisson reviewed CanineAssist — 5 star

Jon is very knowledgeable about modern training techniques and was really good looking after my 14 week old English Springer, Archer. Thanks





Patricia Cragg(Monday, April 24 17 09:33 am BST)

Jon came to our rescue on 19th April,'re concerns about our rescue Springer Spaniel age 5. His excitablity was leading to hard mouthing. We have young grandchildren so this was a real concern. Jon's calm knowledge and instruction which we are following to the letter has led to an amazing transformation in both our lovely Springer and ourselves. A BIG Thank You Jon :) Would highly recommend.




Sarah(Monday, April 17 17 12:37 pm BST)

Highly recommend . Willow is not good with other dogs and some people . She was very wary of Jon at first but she gradually allowed him to stroke her and bonded well with him. He worked with her in the garden also and was able to hold her at the fence whilst next doors dog was there and she didn't bark. Thankyou.




Kate(Saturday, March 11 17 04:50 pm GMT)

Jon has helped us with Milo's fear towards other dogs. The improvement we have seen in him is amazing! He even stayed with Jon while we went away and had the best time! I would 100% recommend these services to anyone with a dog! Jon is brilliant.




Joanna Repton(Wednesday, March 08 17 07:33 am GMT)

Had first consultation for our Beagle Beau! Found Jon to be very knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. We have been given lots of tips to start us on our journey. Highly recommend!!




Rosemary(Tuesday, March 07 17 04:12 pm GMT)

Jon has been amazing in putting us on the right path, the transformation within the session was fantastic...although we know that we have a long way to go still. We're looking forward to working with Jon more in the future and whilst Ethel is a lovely (to us!) little dog we can't wait to see what she becomes with the support of Canine Assist!




Michelle Wright(Friday, October 21 16 06:58 am BST)

Jon was great with our beagle Alfie really explains and demonstrated everything well, taught us a lot and was very informative, gave us lots to work on with Alfie but made it easy to follow and was
great all round. Time for us to do the real hard work now but I highly recommend




Keith Griffiths(Tuesday, September 20 16 07:41 am BST)

Wouldn't trust anyone else with my little guy Maverick




Jemma Edwards(Sunday, June 05 16 06:30 pm BST)

We have been working with Jon since January with our highly reactive and excitable cocker spaniel. Since getting Louie he has always barked excessively at the sight of other dogs making walks
somewhat unbearable. After only a few sessions with Jon Louie's behaviour has improved dramatically. Jon has gently socialised him using stooge dogs building up to a short visit in the day care, then
a full afternoon where he was off lead and playing with Rebel and Chi Chi. We never thought he would ever be able to do that! Jon has since visited us at home with the gorgeous Dora and patiently
built up socialisation on a walk and then a run around the garden. Again we were so impressed this was possible! The barking is still an issue we are working on but it is reassuring to know that it
is pure over excitement and not aggression. We look forward to continuing working with Jon. He is so knowledgable and dedicated, he has been a massive help to us and Louie. I would definitely
recommend him to anyone with doggy issues.




Kim McAree(Friday, April 15 16 12:32 pm BST)

I just wanted to say many thanks to Jon for all his help with my dogs Max and Izzy. I have followed his training plan for the last 2 months and already seen a huge improvement with the problems we
were having . I realise that it will be a long road but feel confident that with his advice we will get there in the end . I would highly recommend his services. He is very professional with a very
reasonable pricing policy.




Margaret(Tuesday, March 08 16 08:45 am GMT)

The first consultation with Jon on a couple of problems we were having with our rescue dog, Bella, was really good and has given us the confidence to work with her and her issues. I would have no
hesitation in recommending Jon to anyone who has issues with their dog, big or small.




Hannah Walch(Wednesday, December 23 15 10:57 am GMT)

Hi Jon....wanted to give you an update as it's been a while since you visited. Gem and Bella had one more scuffle following your visit but we stuck to the advice of removing ourselves if it was safe
to do so and it stopped within seconds. We thought about the discussion we had about leaving them alone together and after a week of no fighting decided to leave them together overnight so we could
still intervene if needed. Pleased to say that went well so after a week of being alone with us upstairs we tried our first short trip out leaving them in the kitchen. Again that seemed to go ok. Now
Gem will not leave Bella alone...but not in a negative way, they play together constantly until the fun police (Taz) breaks them up!! We've still got issues to work on with Gem which we'll get in
touch about in the new year but as far as my two dualling bitches goes...we've cracked it!! :)




Ralph & Vanessa Anderson (& Monty)(Tuesday, December 01 15 09:41 pm GMT)

The visit was a great help to my confidence with Monty. It is slow progress, taking it in small chunks, but we are getting there.
Long walks seem to help. We still have some lead biting, we just try to be patient.




Katie Hopewell(Monday, August 17 15 12:53 pm BST)

Hi Jon,

I just wanted to give you an update and also give you another huge thank you.

This weekend my parents have gone away from Thursday evening until this afternoon for the first time since we have got Duncan.

They left me with Duncan in complete confidence that there would be know problems. Which is thanks to the training you have provided us.

My sister came over a few times to keep me company but I was mainly on my own with Duncan, I didn't have any problems what so ever and he exceeded everyone's expectations.

I tried to keep him in his normal routine and it worked he was the most relaxed and happy he has ever been with me. The bond between me and Duncan has grown massively and he is now happy to come to
me while mum is sat next to me which he has never done before.

He has been a fantastic boy this weekend and I am glad I took time off work and got the opportunity to spend some quality time with Duncan while my parents got a well deserved break.

It has boosted all our confidence that my parents can have weekends/breaks away and trust Duncan with me or my sister.

This is all thanks to the help and advise you have provided us. It has changed our household as we aren't worried about how Duncan will react about things.

I can't thank you enough for what you have done for us, you have helped us find the true Duncan who is now comfortable and happy around all of us.

I would like to make a form of donation towards the doggy hotel/day care you run as this is an amazing service. If there is any equipment you would like for your garden please let me know otherwise I
would like to make a cash donation.

Thank you again for everything you have done for us and Duncan. I would highly recommend you to anyone and everyone who has any issue with their dog or puppy.




Dave Bryan(Tuesday, July 21 15 06:41 pm BST)

Absolutely brilliant advice Jon, thank you!
Claire, Ruby and I really appreciated your help and advice. We learnt more in 2 hours, than we could have ever imagined.
HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended!!




Katie Hopewell(Monday, May 25 15 09:38 am BST)

Our nervous unpredictable dog has finally turned a corner after one session with Jon.

This weekend for the first time since we got Duncan we have been able to have guests round. We have had a fantastic weekend with know problems thanks to the training and support we have

I would recommend Jon to anyone who has a nervous dog and needs support. I look forward to our next session!!




Carole Scholes(Friday, March 06 15 10:58 pm GMT)

We met Jon when we sought help for one of our puppies. Along with sound positive advice we were given, my puppies now attend daycare once a week and we are regular users of the dog hotel. I love
watching them in day care on Facebook. I just can\'t believe we\'ve been so lucky to find such overall care. Thank you.




Ray Ferg(Wednesday, March 04 15 10:55 am GMT)

Jon is very knowledgeable with the dogs and their behavior and he provides an all round great service.
My Rottweiler/Bullmastiff got to spend time with a pack of dogs whilst we were away and I could access Facebook updates and photographs each day. It was brilliant to see her playing and relaxing with
other dogs. We initially took Freya to Jon because we felt she had developed a slight lead aggression on walks and Jon had a whole load of tips and advice. she has since improved and we are very
happy to know that she gets on with most other dogs and people. I would recommend Canine Assist to anyone!!




Kathryn(Monday, March 02 15 09:49 am GMT)

5 star - Brilliant advice and training techniques! Ella (our dog) has many behaviour issues which we thought would be impossible to solve but within the consultation Jon showed us what Ella really
could do and it was fantastic! I would definatly recommend Jon 100%!




Ann(Thursday, February 05 15 08:24 am GMT)

He is really good behavioural therapist he taught us a lot of things about our dogs behaviour that we could not work out why she was doing it like barking chewing her behaviour towards others her
behaviour towards us why she runs to door when some one comes why she runs around people when they come in so yes he is good at his job




Karen & Kieron(Monday, January 26 15 12:14 pm GMT)

Great dog behaviourist really helped settle our worries over a new rescue dog. Fantastic day care too she loves it there and we know she very well cared for




Wendy(Monday, January 26 15 12:13 pm GMT)

My first puppy, and I’m an over anxious first time Mum! Lottie loves spending time with Jon and all the other members of the household. From her first stay they have been brilliant with both her and
me making sure neither of us are stressed. Fabulous day and overnight care. Thank you.




Steph(Thursday, October 09 14 05:04 pm BST)

I needed some back to basics training with my two dogs as I was beginning to lose confidence when out walking with them. Alfie my eldest dog developed a habit of barking at other dogs when out
walking, through not fault of his own, more to do with me developing a lack of confidence. After meeting Jon and listening to his sound advice we went out walking with him. It was clear to see the
issue lay with me, as I had no problems when I was walking with a calm approach. Since my first meeting I have had good days and bad days, but with more help from Jon in the coming months I hope to
improve so dog walking can become more enjoyable again. I would recommend Jon to anyone having dog related issues, it is so good to talk and listen with someone who understands and cares.




Rebecca(Wednesday, October 01 14 05:07 pm BST)

Finlay absolutely loves his visits to Jon and the family. It's also proved fab for us to get snippets of how we can improve Finlay's overall environment and relationships with other dogs. Thank you
for all your help!




Nicole(Monday, July 14 14 06:24 pm BST)

Jon and his family have been caring for our Lexie for around a year now. They provide an excellent service and are always there to support us whenever we need any advice or training. Lexie always
enjoys going to both doggy day care and the dog hotel, she sees it as her second home and always comes back to us smiling. I really Couldn't ask for a better family to care for out dog. Thank you so




Dawn Burns(Sunday, May 11 14 04:34 pm BST)

Our mum was a nervous pack leader, which wasn't a good disposition to have with us two youngsters. Luckily mum found Jon at Canine Assist. We all took to Jon's calm, positive approach, especially
mum! Jon even came to school with me one evening. We met Rebel for a long walk one day,
he"s cool. We feel mum has come on in leaps and bounds in confidence, I do test her occasionally, just to make sure, Boosh says thats a naughty thing to do but she's a goody two shoes. Anyway, thank
you Jon, our mum now really enjoys her walks and we're happy to tag along! love from Rowdy




Sunny & Annie Hallam(Sunday, May 04 14 05:13 pm BST)

Mum arranged for me to spend a few days with Jon and his family and Rugus and Rebel while she was off partying with her mates. This was a much better idea as I got to meet some other nice dogs and
was taken proper walks instead of being turned out in an exercise area. Even got to one of my favourite swimming places- and I could get in a sofa if I felt like it.. Luxury!! Jon seems to think a
bit like me which is ace. I can't wait for mum to go off partying again as I had a fab time. Thanks Jon &co big licks all round! Sunny




Lee Marshall(Tuesday, April 22 14 12:34 pm BST)

Canine assist has been a wonderful experience for us, a breath of fresh air. Our dog, Chester is very anxious and fearful and Jon has worked wonders in a short space of time and given us hope that
over time he will become the dog we want. Jon is extremely caring and has a real passion for dogs. I will certainly use his excellent dog hotel again in the future.




Deb & Gary(Friday, April 11 14 08:53 am BST)

Dylan loves doggy hotel and cant wait to come again in June for 8 days, we struggle to get him past the end of the road he is so eager to visit again!




Sheryll & Steve(Sunday, April 06 14 09:57 am BST)

Henry loves coming to stay at jon's he has ha so much fun playing with rebel and rufus. We can go away happy knowing that Henry is well looked after and treated as one of the family we wouldn't leave
him with anyone else. Thank you Jon




les gladdin(Saturday, April 05 14 06:06 pm BST)

Les Sandiacre, at our wits end with our dogs fighting the vets recommended canine assist and jons first visit really gave us hope and confidence we are still in the process of working with jon but so
far there as been a significant change for the good in our dogs would recommend jons services to any dog owner




Carla Etches(Friday, April 04 14 02:37 pm BST)

My hero!
Every dog owner needs a canine assist in their life! I can go away and relax knowing Riley is having fun in his 'second home'!
You have also helped me help Riley over come separation anxiety and basically given me an incite in to his mind.
I would, and do, recommend you to everyone :)




Angie(Saturday, November 09 13 09:47 am GMT)

Canine Assist were flexible to fit into our busy lifestyle, Jon listened to our concerns and addressed each one in turn. Jon had a calm, patient and firm approach with Alfie and we have already
recommended Canine Assist to our family and friends.




Dawn(Friday, May 24 13 05:04 pm BST)

Jon delivered a calm, patient, kind and positive approach with very clear 1 to 1 guidance - the treatment plan was easy to follow. The service we received from Canine Assist was excellent.




Annabel - Long Eaton(Thursday, November 22 12 09:46 pm GMT)

The service was fantastic, well worth every penny!
Advice given was practical and straight forward, the one to one training was extremely clear, the children are now much more at ease. Jon interacted brilliantly with Archie (he made it look so
easy)and Without a doubt, if anyone had any issues I would highly recommend Jon to visit.




Dawn - Long Eaton(Monday, June 18 12 05:24 pm BST)

The overall service was excellent. An easy to follow treatment plan & 1 to 1 training that was excellent. Jon had great interaction with Saffi. I will certainly be recommending Canine Assist.




Anne - Stapleford(Saturday, March 24 12 08:19 pm GMT)

I was realy pleased with the advice Jon gave me and it made what seemed a impossible task possible, It was very easy once I was shown and told the correct way to deal with the problems. It was
clearly explained and anything I didn’t fully understand was explained in detail to me. Jon's interaction with my dogs was very good, I would definitely recommend Canine Assist