General Information

What is a problem dog?

This is a question that does not get a definitive answer; as what constitutes a problem to one person will be accepted by another.


The best answer that can be given is - A problem dog is one that is causing stress and anxiety to its owners/family.


Leash Reactivity is one of the most common behaviours it is probably the most frustating for owners - below is an article for the Pet Professional Guild on this very topic - a must read :-

Reactivity Sept 2015.pdf
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What is canine behaviour therapy?

It is where psychlogical principles are applied to modify a dogs behaviour for the benefit to both dog and owner.


To any owner with a problem dog the following options are available:-


  • Accept it
  • Rehoming
  • Euthanasia
  • Modifying the behaviour


Canine Assist deal with the last of these options and work with the owner/family to achieve this.

General Terms

All consultations are by appointment only.


Payment is required at the start of each session.


The desired results will only be achieved if you (the family) maintain your treatment programme. Quick results can be seen however you must remember that it took time for your dog to develop these behaviours and so time and patience are required to correct them.


A commitment from the whole family and even regular visitors is required in terms of time, patience and leadership; should this not be done then your dog will in all likelyhood return to his old ways.