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Dog Behaviour and Training


Once you have made the decision to become a dog guardian it is important that you pick the right one for your circumstances and that you research the breed to know what your commitments are need to be. Training your dog from DAY 1 is of vital importance, whether it be a cute puppy or a rescue dog that we feel sorry for; Training and Behaviour work needs to start immediately - this helps prevent problems later on. Over time we can inadvertantly allow other problem behaviours to creep in - I urge you not to wait the minute you are aware of a problem make use of all the FREE hints & tips downloads available on this site or give us a call on 07984 484921.


Canine Assist are here to help you solve your Dog Training & Behaviour problems in a fun and positive reward based way. Canine Assist cover the whole of the East Midlands and will travel further (Travel charges apply).  


All packages and visits come with a degree of support via Phone/Email/Messenger/Whatsapp/Skype etc ---- Due to the volume of work we do it is not possible for us to maintain contact with everyone - therefore owness is on our clients to drive the contact as and when required thus ensuring compliance from the client and to ensure that uneeded phone calls etc are minimised which helps keep our prices competetive and availability high.

For all behaviour work; Assessment, Training, Follow Up, Phone Consults etc. The indemnities below apply:-

Canine Assist - Client Intake Form
For Behavioural work - Please print off and complete - Email a copy to
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Canine Assist - Indemiity
This document forms the basis of our Contract and is in place irrespective of signature - By Hiring Canine Assist - you agree to the terms detailed.
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