Puppy Advice

If you are on the road to having a puppy; Canine Assist can advise you on the best approach.


Again we will arrange to visit you in your home and discuss the reasons for wanting a puppy and checking house layout discussing how to set up for a puppy.


We can attend your visits to view potential pets and ensure that the breeder is assisting in the early habituation process.


We will then arrange to complete a session once the puppy has arrived and had chance to settle in ..This includes demonstrations on games based training approach to teach calmness, proximity and orientation along with teaching some independence as to prevent separation related issues, resource guarding that is so vitally important in these first few month


Where possible we like to hold these sessions with the whole family.


It is important to remember that around the age of six months (Juvenile stage) your puppy's behaviour towards previously tolerated situations may change. Therefore it is important to maintain your programme of training.


Basic Points to Consider:-


Are you ready?

What is required?



What size?

Bitch or Dog?

What breed?

Which breeder?

How many?


House Training?

What if problems occur?




Individually £80


All three elements £220