We have just received our new licence and have achieved a 5 Star Rating !!!!


I am Really pleased to get this recognition for the hard work and effort we put in to making the Dogs stay enjoyable -- and it highlights that investing not just financially with the latest dog toys and equipment but investing in personal contact and bond building Pays off.

Amazing News we are now a Certified Pro Dog Trainer .... whoop whoop !!

Exciting times we have just signed up to become a Certified Pro Dog Trainer in association with Absolute Dogs. This is an inspirational progam using games, fun and enrichment to create a strong bond --- so excited.

Our New Agility Platform and play area.

Growl Class for Reactive dogs.

At Canine Assist we know that Canine Understanding is moving all the time and Science is now providing massive insights into dog behaviour and learning - So it is important to continue learning and keeping up to date with the latest scientific learnings - I read the papers that come out and atten regular seminars -- Learning is Continuous!!

I Have now completed the nine assessments required for the next step in the  application to to the accreditation scheme :).

Canine Assist are really proud to announce that they have become the first licensed Instructor/Assessor for the Pet Dog Ambassador Programme - A Training Program for all dogs from Puppy to Adult - There are 5 levels from Puppy to Championship. Contact us on 07984 484921 for more details.

I have just had the results back from my Canine Agression Diploma Course - I am really proud and pleaded to have achieved a Distinction in this and to carry on the learning in this complex area. I will always be looking into new research and courses to continue the expansion of my knowledge - this is vital in the ever changing world of Dog Behaviour. Lots of new scientific studies are being carried out every day.



Just before Christmas we became grandparents so had to start desensitising our dogs ready for Dylans Arrival - here are Dylans bodyguards - they even watch out for him when he's wiggling on the floor.  

On a serious note though DOGS must be taught how to behave around babies, you cannot just hope it goes well - well before baby arrives the pushchair, cot toys, clothes etc should be place around the house and then even get a small baby doll to get the dogs used to the shape and size - use baby sounds from an app or tv - then once baby arrives take off his old clothes and put them on the baby and TEACH the dogs to be calm and give space !!!!


NEVER leave children unsupervised with Dogs !!!!

Over the last few months Canine Assist have been developing a Training Session/Seminar targetted at Dog Owners and Dog Professionals - we ran the first two in Dec & Jan - The feedback was amazing.


The Topic is Canine Body Language at home and at the park - People were amazed at how subtle the signs can be and how quickly things escalate - so having this knowledge can stop problems before they even occur. Dog behaviour is very subtle and most people only focus on the tail and ears etc but it is way more subtle - and the signs are always there - if you are interested in learning more then give us a call - ity really is a must have skill for all Dog people.


Topics include: Weight shift, blinking, body posture, whale eye, paw lift, head tilt, mouth, and much much more.

Our New Dog Behaviour & Rehabilitation Centre.

Canine Assist are now very proud members of The Pet Professional Guild - an association of FORCE FREE Professionals. Having been fully audited and a subsequent questioning on methods and cases we have been accepted. This is great news for all owners trying to find Force Free trainers/behaviourists etc.

There have been lots of sad stories in the news recently around Dog Attacks and while these are always upsetting and devastating for the families - we have got to take some time to think about the dogs - I do not have any of the facts around the incidents but would ask that all owners take appropriate action when introducing "new" things into the home whether it be a washing machine, hoover or even a baby - All dogs need to be introduced to these items correctly - if you are unsure seek advice.


Contact a behaviourist to help you understand the dogs body language - lets get some training in these areas so we can protect unfortunate dogs and save families from needless heartache.


Dogs are a huge commitment and require ongoing training and development.


Rebel is now a year old and continues to be a star we are hopeful that he will take over where Roxie left off - rehabiliting other dogs and showing humans how to behave.

This week saw us lose our beautiful Rottie Roxie - she was on the mend from Hypereosinphilic syndrome but suddenly became ill overnight and we lost her at 3:30 on Wednesday - initial signs are that it was Lymphoma - we are all truly devestated to lose such a fantastic role model and our very own Canine Assist trainer. Thankyou to everybody at ARK veterinary Clinic in Long Eaton for there endeaviours to save her - she truly loved you all and only the weekend before had walked us to your doors.......Its like she knew and wanted to say goodbye while she was still lively and bounding.

Our New Pup

Rebel has just had an operation --- he does not understand the concept of recovery!!!

Rebel at 18 weeks old --- we think he is going to be a big lad!!!

Roxie our Rottweiler has spent much time at the vets recently, just before Christmas she had a Cruciate Ligament operation. Shortly after that we had a scare where the had a seizure and collapsed after many trips and referral to a specialist (Willow's in Solihull, Birmingham) she was diagnosed with Hypereosiniphilla a rare condition that affects the blood cell count which is often attributed to a parasitic attack or allergic reaction. Roxie underwent ultrasound scans, biopsies (to rule out limphoma), and minor ops to drain the excess fluid.


Willows were fantastic and Amy Lam (vet) was superb, Roxie loved going back to see her and Amy was always pleased to see her. They even wrote a paper on Roxie that may assist other vets diagnose this condition.


Here is the link to the Willow article on Roxie