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Welcome to our CAR FAMILIARISATION GUIDE where your dog can learn the skills necessary to enjoy the car and the subsequent journey’s, Whilst dogs have been domesticated for many, many years we still need to factor in that they are animals and as such will find many quirks in our world that can be confusing and scary none more so than our cars (and the often negative links they can have); taken away from litter mates in one, taken to that strange smelling placed and given jabs!

Dogs can become stressed  really quickly and when they do, they find it really hard to calm down with studies suggesting that it can take many hours to calm down ... unless, of course; you show them the way.

In this CAR FAMILIARISATION GUIDE we start to teach your dog how to enjoy the car and see it as a place of enjoyment and food, working through the easy to follow steps. You will practice each step till your dog is rock solid before stepping up to the next level, Working through these steps and then travelling further once they have been mastered the steps, building on and coping with each segment:-

  • Happy around the car
  • Sniffing/Touching the car
  • Jumping in
  • Sitting while we move around the car
  • Being Fastened In
  • The Engine Noise
  • Waiting to be called out
  • And Car Movement

Of course this will require some effort from you too. Like any parent, showing your dog the way is the key to your dog learning this skill out in the wider more enticing world. In this guide we have squished the steps into small bite size chunks that you will aim to master before moving onto the next step. Commit to just 5/10 minutes a day and marvel at the results. Once you have completed these steps it’s time for you to practice with ever

increasing car journeys!!!! 


Course is Just £15+vat