Rapid Recalls



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Welcome to RAPID RECALLS where you can gain a skill that is probably the one that ALL owners would swap anything for! a skill that can prevent problems and avoid many situations. Whilst dogs have been domesticated for many, many years we still need to factor in that they are still dogs and as such will go off and investigate the world if there is no value or interest around YOU.

The environment can over stimulate your dog really quickly if allowed and when they do, they can find solace in some unwanted behaviours ... unless, of course; you show them a better and more productive way.

In this RAPID RECALLS guide we start to teach your dog to value returning to you, valuing proximity to you no matter what is happening around them - working through the easy to follow steps. You will practice each one till your dog is proficient before stepping up to the next level, Working through these steps and then using this strategy when you are out on walks to help strengthen your dogs desire to return to you:-

  • Whistle Returns
  • Name Returns
  • Behaviour Returns
  • Hand Touch Returns
  • Toy play
  • Value Proximity to you
  • Orientation
  • Disengagement

Of course this will require some effort from you too. Like any parent, showing your dog the way is the key to your dog learning this skill out in the wider more enticing world. In this guide we have squished the steps into small bite size chunks that you will aim to master before moving onto the next step. Commit to just 5/10 minutes a day and marvel at the results. Once you have completed these steps it’s time for you to practice out and about increasing the difficulty with stimulating environments.