The Complete Collection

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Welcome to our COMPLETE COLLECTION where your dog can learn all the necessary skills for life, Loose lead, Recall, Retrieves, Scent work, Tricks and Games, Prevention of Counter Surfing, How to be comfortable in the Car, Boundaries, Place, Settle, Hand Touches, Spins, Disengagement, plus much much more!


Dogs can become over stimulated really quickly, they can also become bored; so having outlets for them, along with keeping their brains engaged is vitally important. This collection will give you skills and a comprehensive tool kit that can subsequently be transferred to other behavioural issues you may encounter.

In this COMPLETE COLLECTION you get access to all of our online courses for life, you can watch and return as many times as you wish – if you get another dog you have the material there ready to start again should you need to. The Current Collection Includes:-


· The Good Dog Level 1 Course (6 week programme)

· Hop it Up – A place for your dog

· Rapid Recall – The most desired behaviour of all

· Rock Solid Retrieves – No more keep away !

· Disengagement – The secret ingredient to a 100% reliable recall and retrieve

· Door/Visitor Protocol – No more barking at the Postie or cornering your visitors

· Car Familiarisation – Make it an enjoyable place for your dog

· Counter Surfing – No more food stealing

· Scent work for Beginners – Your Dogs Superpower, find and signal

· Active Scent work – Superpower next level, find and retrieve

· Favourite Games – Some nice little party tricks


Of course this will require effort from you too. Like any parent, showing your dog the way is the key to your dog learning these skill out in the wider more enticing world. In this compilation we have given you a comprehensive toolkit to help prevent behaviour struggles, create engagement with and build a mutually fulfilling relationship with your dog. Commit to just 5/10 minutes a couple of times a day and marvel at the results. Once you have completed these steps at home, the back garden etc it’s time for you to practice out in the real world and with real distractions!!!!

#shutupandtrain ? Good Luck – don’t forget to join our dedicated group where you can get support and advice.


All for just £200 +vat